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Professional teeth whitening



Tooth Bleaching

What I get out of it?

Sometimes even well-ordered teeth don’t meet their owners’ demands. Radiant pearl whiteness is in fashion now! Therefore tooth whitening is one of the most popular services. By the way, very few people know that at times for snow-white smile it’s enough to whiten just ten front teeth, which are a part of your smile.
Tooth Bleaching

How it works?

It’s possible to change the color of tooth enamel by means of chemical bleaching or photo bleaching. But the most effective, safety and the fastest way to obtain a result is to use modern expensive tooth whitening systems. The effect is attained at the cost of peroxide impact on enamel which activates by means of special cold light. It is proven by many researching that such whitening not only protects tooth enamel from damage, but also favors its strengthening (Vickers micro-hardness increases by 25%). Point of the procedure is as follows. Gel is applied onto the teeth. The gel contains a unique tropical fruit coloring agent, which accumulates light energy – at the cost of the process gel decomposing to whitening components (oxygen ions and НО2) intensifies and accelerates. Ions extend vary deeply into enamel and have an optimum whitening effect due to low molecular weight. The total procedure time is from 20 minutes to an hour on the average.
Tooth Bleaching

How long will your teeth stay white?

The newest whitening system permits to achieve the guarantee, stable, permanent result. Due to delicacy of the procedure it can be undertaken even in patients with very sensitive enamel. It occurs in such a way: water-base gel is applied to teeth. Then special light induces oxygen evolution from gel, which clarifies the enamel softly. Teeth get shining white even if they were yellow by nature. There is any sense of discomfort neither before, nor during, nor after the procedure. It‘s the most humane and safety method to get a snow-white smile. Enamel whitened by the methods, will never reverts to its reference color, but it is possible that the whiteness will be tarnished by food colorings, dental calculus, tobacco etc. Therefore it would be nice to undertake the procedure of professional tooth brushing a couple of times per year. It will help teeth to get their shining white color back as well as to avert the risk of developing any periodontal or dental disease.
Tooth Bleaching

Who is not suitable for tooth whitening treatment?

Unfortunately, some people can’t use enamel whitening service. Tooth whitening disagrees with expectant mothers, nursing mothers and infants. Also people suffering from latex or peroxide allergy are denied use of the procedure. But, as a rule, affected tooth is the most common reason why enamel lightening is impossible. Many cracks and sensitive parts of the tooth are formidable obstacles to whitening. And, certainly, one can not forget that only “own” tooth tissues can be whitened, fillings don’t discolor. The majority of whitening systems used for achieving desired result are rather expensive. Always remember that procedure cost depends on the stuff quality and skill level of the clinic staff primarily.

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