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Tooth build-up, veneers


Smile is a guarantee of success

A beautiful white-toothed smile has become an indispensable attribute of success. As well as an expensive car, prestigious apartment in the center, a gold credit card, beautiful and charming smile is an inalienable attribute of successful modern businessman. Due to the opportunities of modern aesthetic stomatology any person can look like a star of Hollywood now. For you to receive such a smile, you shouldn't go at the other end of the world now, and to leave hundred thousand dollars in the Swiss clinics. Now everything is more commonplace, they go to us and carry their currency to Ukraine. A potential millionaire's smile must be ideally smoothed, snow-white and shining. Don't you have such one? Never mind - now it is easily reparable. Should we talk about everything by the order.

Savings on your health is expensive.

A paramount meaning during leading of any aesthetic procedure, has a speed of reception of a result, a cost of the given intervention, and certainly a guarantee for a made work. During the formation of a stomatology as a speciality, on the post-Soviet space the methodology of art restoration has received a wide dissemination, basically, due to its low value, quite good results, and the lack of necessity to get expensive equipment for laboratory. Such a method gives fast but short-lived result. As a rule, such a restoration serves on the average less than 5 years!!! And then it demands replacement or alteration. And what is 5 years for our teeth? It is unimportant interval in time, as they have to serve to us not less than 60-80 years. Here it happens, that to expose our teeth to restoration for 5 years we don't want to! You will ask what to do, you would like to have a beautiful smile and you don't want to mangle your teeth. The whole world has already made its choice aside metal-free ceramics.

The beauty does not demand victims.

A sound of a drill and a smell of stomatologic clinic cause a fear even at strong and self-assured persons. But in a modern society you don't have to expose yourself to infernal flours, to try unpleasant sensations and to drink nasty medicines. An ideal smile can become your constant companion, your desire will be enough. Even those teeth which are far from the standard of beauty, have a right to be attractive. Due to Hollywood veneers your smile will be really charming. A thin facing 0,2 mm plate, which is attached to the frontal side of tooth will give you an elegance in some days.


Hollywood veneers today.

During the statement of Hollywood «blendes» neither anesthetizing injections nor meeting with a drill do not threaten to a patient. New teeth are established without noise and dust - they are simply pasted on enamel. Hollywood «teeth» are made on unique technology of heavy-duty porcelain which hardness is strengthened by special crystals. Due to high durability of material, service life of Hollywood veneers makes up at least 20 years, which is in double more than traditional dental plates have, which are able to burst and come unstuck. Graceful porcelain “facade” is pasted to teeth with the help of especially strong and insoluble cement in saliva, which contains an intensified doze of useful fluorine to enamel, that allows to prevent development of caries under the plates. An improved by the Hollywood technology smile will serve to its owner for all his life, but even if suddenly he would like to return to a natural kind of teeth, the stomatologist will be able to tack off thin porcelain cover plates with ease, without any damage for your teeth. Hollywood veneers allow disguise not only dental roughnesses, but also other defects: erosion of enamel, a teeth fissure, a noticeable seal, dimness of enamel (that happens in result of made inadequate treatment). But at presence of cured teeth a doctor surely checks, how a stopping is done, because when caries start to develop under a defective seal veneer will have to be taken off, but thus it can be damaged. The cost of veneers can be found in section Our prices
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