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VIP Stomatology

vip стоматология

Stomatology «for a very little money»

Looking at beautiful prices, most of people think that somewhere there should be somewhere a dirty trick because good things can't be cheap. But only not in our case. Studio "Smile" offers the clients exclusively elite stomatology. Kiev is a capital of Ukraine, and we, as representatives of capital, can't spoil a reputation of a favorite city. Our prices are caused by small incomes of Ukrainians who can't afford expensive services. It is the main reason of small prices on vip stomatology.
элитная стоматология

The equipment of a higher class

To proof that there is the elite stomatology in Kiev, we will tell you some words about our equipment. Our main principle is not to economize on clients but to give them the best experts, working with reliable materials and the equipment. Stomatologic equipment Sirona С8 +, the equipment for bleaching of teeth ZOOM-2, a panoramic digital X-ray apparatus ORTHOPHOS XG 3 are that equipment which allows the stomatology to be called vip.
элитная стоматология в киеве

Do you still think?

There is the elite stomatology in Germany, France, Switzerland, but also Ukraine doesn't lag behind neighbors of the near abroad. We do our best, wishing to give to the compatriots only best of the best. But also for "neighbors" we are always ready to work in full force. The trip to Ukraine shouldn't stop you as we will always help you with a hotel choice, trying to brighten up as much as possible your stay in our country.
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