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The Ukrainian everyday life

европейская стоматология


The Ukrainian everyday life

By no means life in Kiev is not cheap. The prices for articles of prime necessity, clothes and other import goods are overstated, therefore people have to make a choice between "necessary" and "very necessary". In this connection people hope on Russian "perhaps" and postpone treatment of their teeth for future. Tooth clinics would appear unclaimed if we put the real prices for services. Therefore we are to reduce the cost for the Ukrainian clients to afford a qualitative treatment of teeth.
европейский стоматологический центр

Why do tourists go to us?

As we have already spoken earlier, incomes of Ukrainians and  the inhabitants of the countries with the developed economy are essentially differ. For example, the salary in Germany is in tenfold exceeds the monthly our compatriots' income. That means that service prices in our countries differ. But ridiculous price lists in comparison with German clinics don't mean the absence of quality and professionalism. The European stomatology exists also in Ukraine, but for more attractive cost.
европейская стоматологическая клиника

Medical tourism

Medical tourism is popular all over the world. But if people go for good sight and healthy heart to Germany, so for a snow-white smile they go to the European stomatologic center "Smile". A fascinating travel with a reasonable treatment is capable to interest everyone. The qualified personnel, the first class equipment, the absence of queues, lasting a year, surprising prices – all these is the European stomatologic clinic "Smile" where all clients are served on a uniform price and with an identical attention.
европейская стоматология

Profitable investment

Health is the main person's value, and from time immemorial a snow-white smile testified to riches and prosperity. It is necessary to place priorities correctly in life: if smart cottages and expensive cars is only the way to diversify the leisure, so a treatment of teeth is a favorable investment in your own health. The toothache will force you to forget even about a long-awaited round-the-world travel, and the modest smile will prevent you to feel easy and relaxed. The European stomatologic center "Smile" will transform you into the owner of a snow-white smile which will always make you feel the focus of attention and to blind people around you under any circumstances.
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