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Medical tourism

Голливудская улыбка

The Hollywood smile in Ukraine

At all times the person aspired to make the smile irresistible. But if formerly a qualitative service was possible only in the countries with a high standard of living, today stomatologic business has extended worldwide, and it is not worth the trouble to have vinirs in Ukraine. The Hollywood smile has become a dream of millions, and the stomatology of Ukraine in the name of studio "Smile" has turned a conductor which leads you to your purpose. 
Медицинский туризм

To go with the times

Today the stomatology in Ukraine has reached a high level. The best argument is the clients from Germany, France, Switzerland and other countries of Europe. Our compatriots wait for the European quality for the Ukrainian prices, and foreigners know that only here you can find high quality for reasonable cost. We don't lag behind the times, and consequently we regularly update the equipment needed for prosthetics of teeth in Ukraine, we use the newest technologies and as a result we serve, which regularly please our patients, and by rights we carry the name “the VIP of stomatology”.
Лечение зубов в Украине

Accessible quality

In a treatment of the teeth the material aspect is very important. What in Germany costs 800 Euros, we offer for 200 Euros. The difference in the price is available. It also provokes a conclusion: that means that in the European stomatologic clinics doctors are better and the treatment is more qualitatively. By no means! The matter is that Kiev inhabitants' income is less than abroad and consequently our clients are less solvent. Overstating tooth bleaching, Ukraine will lose clients, which means one thing – a crash of our business.
Медицинский туризм в Украине

Favourably and conveniently

We invite inhabitants of Kiev, foreign citizens and guests to visit stomatologic studio "Smile" which, undoubtedly, will surprise you with the most pleasant prices for teeth implantation in Ukraine. The main our competitors' mistake is a double tariff for visitors. We don't practice such variant and we establish the same prices for everybody. The following moment is the absence of queues, lasting half a year. Besides, we help tourists with a hotel choice that gives them a chance to make themselves familiar with a foreign country much faster.
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