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Clinic philosophy

Стоматологическая студия Смайл

     Today it is impossible to imagine a successful, modern person without an expensive car, stylish wrist-watch of the prestigious brand, an apartment in the centre, a platinum card and, certainly, without a dazzling, snow-white shining smile. Beautiful dens become the integral attribute of the successful person today.

And it doesn't matter if you had the misfortune with dens by nature, modern technologies allows realizing even the most fantastic dream. Today there is no such branch of technology practically where we would not observe general adoption of cutting-edge technologies changing our life to best, the same applies to stomatology. But, unfortunately, the majority of dentists do not hasten to buy expensive modern technologies and equipment. What for to spent money for high technologies if for our unsophisticated patient, and yesterday's is hot. Still, at least, twenty years, it will be possible to open dental offices in Kiev for men in the street citizens and to equip them with cheap Brazilian or Czech equipments and “to sell stoppings” for hundred hrivnas without an assurance.

We wish to present you a dental studio of new generation satisfying the advanced demands, world level. And the most important thing possessing amazing technologies that allow to change your smile according to your desire, in a smile of a successful happy person.

I have told happy not for nothing, simple one my patient after we have changed her smile, has told that feels much happier after our dialogue.

Стоматологическая студия Смайл

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