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Healthy gums are the smile beginning


Periodontitis, what is it and what is it cured for?

Alas, the subject of the problems with the disease of gums is always topical. And whatever our nice professors and academicians would tell us from the television sets’ screens, pages of printed publications and tribunes of lecture halls the quantity of patients with problems does not reduce.
Unfortunately this problem is not topical only in the countries with uncontrollable development of medicine and stomatology in particular as ours is but also in the developed capitalist countries. Today according to the literature the problem of gum disease or simply periodontitis occupies one of leading places in the world’s stomatology. The WHO sites figures to 90 % of adult population older than 35. If before the age level was older than 40-45 years old, now the problem has slightly looked younger.
Now periodontitis is found at juvenile and even children’s age.
According to the numbers of scientists it is the atonement for civilization development and there is no necessity to list the factors which influence the spread of the current problem.

What to do?

How to solve the problem, you will ask?
If you consult a doctor with the current problem in a usual dental clinic, you will be told that there is no cure for periodontitis, it is possible only to treat it and to transfer it in a stage of the remission or reduction of the inflammatory process but not to cure.
But thank God it is not absolutely so. Let’s try to find out how and why the current disease arises. Till now scientists have not got a common thought about the mechanism of the disease beginning and development. There are more than twenty scientific theories of the origination of the periodontitis.

What is the cause?

Personally the theory which can explain the current problem simply and intelligibly is the most pleasant for me.
According to this theory the problem general occurs as the result of the bad care of dens. At hygiene non-observance, untimely or inadequate care of dens, on dens scurf starts to be put.
The scurf consists of the rests of meal and the assemblage of microorganisms, which are not aggressive in relation to human tissues, enter into composition of scurf, the conditional name of such microbes is pathogenic. They always are present at each person’s mouth cavity and do not bring any harm. But having a bad tooth brushing, the abundant quantity of scurf results to the sharp rise of quantity of microbes. Gradually scurf becomes limestone and turns to an odontolith. The odontolith starts weighing on a gum and an abruption of a gum from dens takes place. Like this a pouch between the gum and dens is formed and microbes settle in this pouch. Despite they do not blast gum cells, products of their vital activity are toxicants which kill gum cells. Gum cells which perish under the influence of toxins excreted by microbes are nutrition for development of microbes. There is vicious circle, the more microbes, the more toxins, the more blasted cells and the more microbes. To a certain time for the patient such problem is expressed only in periodic taxis of gums during a tooth brushing. But with the lapse of time the quantity of microbes becomes critical, the other microorganisms join them and the inflammation begins. In the pouch the perfect conditions for development of microorganisms are framed. There is warm, wet, there is enough meal and nobody disturbs.
Tissues round dens are gradually blasted, it becomes mobile and it is necessary to extract whole intact dens.

How to solve the problem, you will ask?

Modern methods of treatment are applied depending on a depth of pouches. A depth of a pouch between dens and a gum is the defining factor for an assessment of extent of disease. At depth of pouches to 4 mm therapeutic methods of treatment is used which purpose is a purification of pouches from stones, scurf, microbes and building of the favorable conditions for gum affixion to dens and pouch closures. A treatment net result is restoration dens-gum bonds and regenerations of gum function.
For reception of such result is necessary to clear a pouch and to create conditions for restoration of affixion of a gum to dens.
If depth of pouches does not exceed 4 mm, the ultrasonic скелера make purification of a pouch from scurf, stones, and microbes, glaze a dens surface, clean growths of the inflamed tissues of a gum and receive new affixion of a gum to dens.
But if depth of a pouch exceeds 4 mm, to clean such pouch is impossible and then the parodontist -surgeon comes to the aid to the doctor-parodontist. For purification of penetrating pouches perform surgical scrappy operations. Throughout several dens the gum scales, pouches are discovered and are cleaned under the sight control. The surface of a root is processed and the gum is sewn back. Such procedure always gives a positive result, but operation is traumatic enough in psychological sense. Not each patient will agree on it.

VECTOR delivers from gum illnesses for one visit.

There were no alternative so far and patients who have passed through the surgeons have successfully overcome the problems. But in 1999 German firm DURR DENTAL specialists suggested to use for periodontitis cure the new device which is called VECTOR.
What the new production engineering is? It is combination of all necessary functions in one apparatus represents. By means of the special head is possible simultaneously delete a stone scurf and microorganisms from the pouch, to glaze a fang surface, to fill fractures on the root surface by apatite hydroxide and to regenerate a gum surface, thereby framing conditions for affixion restoration.
In a word an alternative to surgical operations came into service.
For the receipt of the result is needed only one session of vector-therapy on the prepared gum.
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