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This production engineering is safely possible to name the most progressive for today. Quickly, beautifully, reliably. More in detail look part Implants.

Prosthetics using metal-free ceramic

Today our second place is occupied metal-free ceramics. The dens of metal-free ceramics look improbably naturally. Uniformity of a design makes prosthesis as firm as your own dens. The ceramics is inert material; therefore it will suit even to the most «whimsical» organism. The beauty, quality, longevity, all thee are combined by metal-free ceramics. In details…
Металлокерамические конструкции

Metal-ceramic designs – accessible alternative

Not everybody needs Ferrari. It’s the fact. Metal-ceramic designs are the quality at the reasonable price. Unfortunately, the difference in the price is understandable. As the matter of fact, the denture which is in a mouth permanently is exposed to both rigid chemical and mechanical effect. Here metal plays a role of a weak part. It has a property to be oxidized and it considerably reduces existence term of the denture. Nevertheless it is possible to consider this question particulate solved, thanks to dental prosthetics on alloys from noble metals and the titan. It tightens cosmetic-mechanical qualities of metal-ceramic as much as possible to the ceramic denture technologies. Approximate prices for prosthetics in our dentistry can be found in section Our prices. The cost of treatment and prosthetics You can find out and get an opinion directly to our dental clinic.
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