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What you need to know about dens levelling.

Выравнивание зубов Not all are lucky to have natural beautiful and level dens. But it is not worth despairing, today by means of up-to-date production engineering it is possible to receive an ideal, snow-white, charming smile. In succession. To level down curve dens, it is possible to take advantage of services of the specialist, in your case that is the dentist-orthodontist. When you visit to a dentist-orthodontist service you should solve for yourselves, what sort service you would like to receive. Our studio is armed with assemblage of production engineering and procedures allowing making levelling of your dens to the minimum terms with the maximum comfort.
Выравнивание зубов

Выравнивание зубов

Braces-invisible beings

Braces are the designs cemented to dens for the term from half a year to 2 years (depending on complexity of treatment) solve orthodontic problems cardinally and safely. Modern braces systems are not those disfiguring stirrups which we remember since the childhood. The medicine doesn’t stand still but goes toward our wishes. Production engineering is improved and orthodontic designs become more and more imperceptible. Today it is possible to wear braces and anybody won’t get that! Braces are invisible beings (lingual) are cemented not outside but on the inner part of dens unlike usual. . The main advantage of such system is absolute obscurity. The first generation of such designs was absolutely imperceptible outside but bulky braces caused «fiction defect». Development engineers’ individual braces system Incognito have considered all disadvantages lingual braces and have maximum developed this production engineering. New braces are simply framed to be imperceptible: small-type, graceful and flat, they practically do not cause discomfort and speech disturbance. For building of designs Incognito the gold alloy is used and this secures absence of an allergic response. These apparatus are good in everything except that to parade of dens in fetters to adult patients is awkward, especially, if the status obliges you to look respectable. The cost of installing a bracket system can be found in section Our prices.

I do not wish to wear these braces.
What can you offer me?


Today the new American production engineering of change of dens with means of transparent plastic capp has come on braces change. It combines orthodontics and the newest computer 3D-technologies. The apparatus represents almost imperceptible on dens transparent каппу consisting of hoods which precisely match to the client’s dens form and the size. In each small hood the micro movement is put by computers which at constant affecting result to dens move in the need direction. Treatment can last from 3 to 15 months. Cost of capp is not higher than braces systems in return they should not be pasted to the adamantine substance of tooth and can be taken out during meal that reduces risk of caries, besides they are almost imperceptible for people around you at the expense of the high transparency. Wearing transparent capps can be combined with the bleaching process. The bleaching gel seated in capp sluggishly excretes oxygen making dens lighter on few tones.

Выравнивание зубов

Выравнивание зубов

Veneers are accessible perfection

The most humane device to correct smile defects without long orthodontic treatment and without turning of the dens is to paste to dens «Hollywood veneers» (thin 0.2 mm facing slice). With their help it is possible to remove odontoschism, if it is necessary to correct a tooth position, visually to push them forward, to change the dens form (for example to make their wider or longer). These designs can be made in different thickness, depending on the desirable patient’s dens form. It is very important to NOTE THAT in contrast to from usual veneers to turn dens for their equipment will not be necessary; they are fixed on special fluorine, keeping unsolvable cement in the saliva, to a healthy enamel. Effect from this procedure will be comparable with result of long orthodontic treatment. At the expense of high material strength and smooth veneers can truthfully and faithfully serve for years without changing colour even at cigarettes and coffee fans. Hollywood veneers allow to disguise and other defects: erosion and enamel darkening, a dens spalling, an appreciable seal. They help to recover and enrich a smile in cases traumatic dens spalling etc. To position them is possible in different quantity depending on a situation. At the expense of the high aesthetic properties even at the position one of veneers to distinguish it from own dens is impossible.More about veneers you can find in teeth build-up.
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