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New life of your teeth

Each of us dreams of beautiful and smooth teeth. However, time doesn’t stand on a place and the age takes away a snow-white smile. The basic problem consists of the absence of teeth which did not bear the test by the time. The modern stomatology has found an ideal way out of the given situation - implantation, or implanting the teeth.

Implants or Time Travel

Tooth implants are implanted to the place of the lost teeth, without causing any discomfort by this. With implants you can feel the pleasure of chewing again. They are as your own teeth; restore 100 % possibility to use any, even the firmest, products in food. But sometimes it would be desirable to gnaw the mutton leg or a stake on a bone! Implants return us the satisfaction with forgotten sensations. And the most important thing is that you should not feel ashamed of own smile.

New life of your teeth

Certainly, it is possible to pay attention to prosthetics, but it will not give you of 100 % result. Not many know about prosthetics latent defects. For example, absence of a teeth leads to infringement of function of the remained teeth, their overload, thereby influences term of their service. The most qualitative visiable-pons the artificial limb kills basic teeth with time. As though we did not try to calm ourselves, that it is possible to live and with a part of teeth, but without them people look much more senior then their coevals, and oftener are exposed to various diseases. From problems with gastroenteric diseases, strokes, and heart attacks. Have you been dreaming of such a future? According to stomatologic researches, a unique method of prosthetics restoring all lost functions connected with loss of a tooth (chewing function, cosmetic and phonetic functions), is only an implantation. And only it provides 100 % of comfort and convenience.

«Fresh breath» in the field of stomatology

The work with high technologies is one of main our advantages. Implants of various manufacturers (Germany, the USA, and Israel), the price category from the budgetary to the superelite ones, the terms of prosthetics from yesterday’s to the day after tomorrow’s …is that highlight which allocates our clinic against other competitors. The special form of implants allows starting prosthetics at once after tooth implantation. Tooth implants are established in the hole of have just been remoted tooth. Manufacturing crowns and installation implants throughout 1 hour, installation implants without cuts, a pain and hypostases. It is far not the full list of advantages sew clinics from competitors. The doctors who were trained and training in the leading implantological centres of Europe and the USA set of certificates of our experts testifying to constant professional growth. Proofs of our advantage are still necessary to you? Come and see it yourself! Undoubtedly, the list of our services is not limited by expensive implants. For each client in an individual order we will pick up the best variant, guided by the price / quality ratio.

The truth and inventions about tooth implants.

The implants, what are these?

New technologies of tooth implantation.

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