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Today 27.06.2017

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Helen 30.08.2016 11:00 Hello! How much does tooth bleaching cost in total?
Thank you very much!
Responsible Олег Григорьевич:
I will cost you 180 EURO

Best regards,

Nicolas Obrea 10.01.2016 22:54 Hello, I would like to know the price of a mobile maxillary prosthesis (especially aestetic and phonetic purpose) and how many days are needed for it's manufacturing. What kind of materials do you propose ? Is there a possibility to have a semi-mobile device using magnets ? Thank you, N Obreja
Dr. Erwin Metz 03.01.2016 20:13 Hello,

I am a Dentist (self-employed) in Germany.
* can we cooperate in Implantologie (Straumann, Friadent, Nobel.
* can you give me the ADRESS of a JOURNAL for DENTISTS / STOMATOLOGY in the UKRAINE ???

Dr. Erwin Metz
Mike Thompkins 04.08.2015 06:35 Hi I need 6 implants, I would think I would like the rest bleached including a bridge? If such things exist, and any other repairs needed, I was hoping that I would be able to get this accomplished in a 2 week period is this possible?


Responsible Andrey Mishustin:
Dear Mike, we have 3 types of implants: AlphaDent- 300$, Biohorizons- 500$, Nobel 1000$ for one. First step - implantation, then we need to wait 3-6 monthes, and then do crowns (separate price).
About bleaching- only your own teeth can be bleached, but not bridge. We cannt change the color of bridge, we only can change bridge. Regards

Jeremy James Cook 01.08.2015 15:40 Dear Sir or Madam, I phoned from London 5 minutes ago. Do you have English speaking dentist because I do not speak Ukrainian or Russian ??. How much do you charge for 'Crowns' and 'Veneers' - please give price in Euros or British currency. Additionally how long do I ned to stay in Kiev for if I fly to Kiev for dental treatment?? (maximum 5 days because of work commitments), sincerely, Jeremy James Cook, United Kingdom
Responsible Andrey Mishustin:
Dear Jeremy James! We have English speaking dentist, so you can call.
The price: 1 Veneer- 520 euro, 1 Crown- 289 euro.
Any treatment can be done for 5 days, but for urgency it will be +30%, so 1 Veneer- 676 euro and 1 Crown- 376 euro. Regards

Thomas Meade 14.07.2015 15:57 Hello from the USA. Please tell me the approximate price for a Tooth Implant...lower right side, second tooth from the back. The old tooth was pulled out three years ago. Also please tell the amount of TIME and office visits involved to install the implant. I may be in Kiev in September. Thank you very much. Thomas Meade
Hello, Thomas! We have 3 types of tooth implants:
Alpha Dent(Israel)- 300$
Biohorizons(USA)- 500$
Nobel Replace(USA)- 1000$

Abutment and crow- 300$

If You choose Nobel Replace- You can have Implant and crown for a week (3 visits for 3 days)
If You choose any other type of implant- we should wait nearly 3 monthses after installing of implant and then make the crown.


Will Hyslop 24.02.2015 21:47 I am looking at the possibility, cost and time for permanent dentures upper and lower jaw ... possibly the allon4 procedure.
Dear Will Hylston,

we are located in Kyiv, Ukraine.
When would you like to make an appointment?
the time and costs depends on the situation in your mouth, for example, if you need root treetment then it will take longer.
Sincerely yours


david 21.11.2014 05:42 email me and i will send you a picture of teeth

and i want to come to kiev for mostly crowns
Masayuki Sakakibara 22.09.2014 11:59 Hello
Im Masayuki, live in Ireland.
I want the crown treatment in Kyiv.
・gaps between front teeth(teeth of 14place)
・change my some metal crowns to ceramic crowns(teeth of 10place)
How much dose zirconia crown(all ceramic) cost??

and how long should I stay in Kyiv??

Please reply me

Responsible Олег Григорьевич:
Hello dear Masayuki,

The porcelain crown in our clinic costs 380 euros including imressions, temporary crown, and crown placement.
The zirconia based crown costs about 450 euros.

We can have all the needed work done during one week. So you can either stay here for a week or leave and come back to Kiev in a week again.
There is an option of doing this work faster - during 3 days, but because of the urgency it will cost 30% more.

The warranty for our work is 10 years.

We will be glad to help you,
Let us know of your plans,


Dr. Falovskiy

Craig Brown 05.04.2014 20:37 Hello, I am from Ireland and I want to travel to Ukraine to get my teeth fixed. Can I ask you if you do porcelain crowns? I know you do metal ceramic crowns but I have been told they are not very good. Thank you
Good afternoon,
yes, we do porcelain crowns.
time: 3-5 days.
price: 175 euro
Sincerely yours,

alessandro 13.04.2012 15:29 uvajaemiy Michail
ya hotyel by delat Lumineers restauratsu zubov.
esli ne oscibaus po etoi restauratii ne nujno soskoblit zubi.U menya serie zubi iz-za tetraziklina
iesli ya rescu delat lumineers vi mojete mne delat skidku za 12 13 zubov?
mojno lumineers nesmotrya na nalice kariesov?
s uvajanem
alessandro iz italii
Responsible Олег Григорьевич:
Уважаемый Алесандро, мы можем Вам сделать необходимое количество люминиров, с учетом скидки за 13 зубов, Вам нужно будет заплатить приблизительно 5000 евро. С учетом работы и стоимости материалов. По срокам, такая работа делается за 5-7 дней.Наличие кариеса,не влияет на установку люминиров. Если Вам интересна такая цена , то мы будем рады Вам помочь.

Mario 10.02.2012 14:50 I have gap between fronth teeth, what should I do?
Responsible Олег Григорьевич:
Dear Mario, it is needed to go to stomatology and put staples on your teeth, what to equalize them. Or to glue viniry on teeth .

alessandro de michele 22.10.2011 17:17 good morning
from 10 of nove i will be in kiev
i would like to fix an appointment.
i want be examinated for veneer treatment.
how much does it coast for 10 theeth? how much does it coast te first appointment?
Douglas 22.02.2011 04:44 I need a crown on #12 and replacement of 4 fillings.

#12 will need to be examined to see if the crown is possible. The tooth is intact and has no pain, but the old amalgam material is bleeding through the enamel. There is no decay and the tooth is healthy. You have ceramic crown?
I only saw metallic for 949, or ceramic veneer for 2262.

What is cost for replacing each old metallic filling on
#4, #5, #13, #14 ?

How long will all of this work take? I plan on being in Kiev in last week of April.

Thank You
Cherith 09.01.2011 02:27 Dear Sir/Madam.

I am 30 years old. I have all my upper teeth removed due to health reasons, and have only 7 lower teeth (incisors and canines). I wear a full upper denture and partial lower denture. I would like implants and bridges instead of my removable denture. Can you tell me how much this would cost at your clinic. Thank you
Responsible Олег Григорьевич:
Dear Cherith,to solve your problem, you need a minimum of 6 implants in the maxilla and 4 in the lower jaw. Well, even to them prosthetic metalceramic.
The total cost of such work in our clinic will be about 9,000 euros.

Michael 30.10.2010 04:29 Hello. What is the total cost of 1 implant in your surgery, including full ceramic crown? And what's the quality difference between the cheap implant and more expensive you offer. You can answer in Russian, please. I have 3 implants to be done so I am really keen on getting the picture of the cost.
Responsible Олег Григорьевич:
Уважаемый Михаил,разница между дорогим и более дешевым имплантом, в том сколько он Вам прослужит. Ни один доктор , как правило , не рассказывает о том, что имплант прослужит определенное количество времени, и его нужно будет поменять через некоторое время. И это время определяет класс имплантанта. Чем дороже и качественее имплантант, тем больше времени он Вам прослужит. Например, имплантант среднего класса Биогоризонт, стоимостью 1000 у.е. прослужит Вам 20 лет. А имплантант стоимостью 500 у.е, фирмы Мисс, всего 10 лет. Ну и немаловажным фактором стоимости есть процент приживляемости. Чем дороже имплантант, тем меньше процент неприживляемости.В нашей клинике используем качественные импланты , стоимостью от 1000 у.е до 2000 у.е включая стоимость коронки из металлокерамики.

Dmitry Budnik 26.10.2010 21:24 Hi guys,
My teeth are really yellow! Kinda lemon colour.

Will it hurts to make them white?
Responsible Олег Григорьевич:
Уважаемый Дмитрий, мы готовы помочь Вам с проблемой желтизны зубов, приходите к нам и мы проведем отбеливание с использованием профессиональной системы ZOOM-3.это самая лучшая на сегодня в мире и самая безопасная система отбеливания. Будем рады видеть Вас в нашей клинике.У нас сейчас акционная цена на отбеливание всего 2010 гривен.