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Stomatologic set Sirona С8 +.

Sirona С8 + is a modern stomatologic set which has all important options for the full-fledged and qualitative treatment of the patient. The set is additionally equipped by a vacuum cleaner and a system of water cleaning. Scellers are placed on the set for taking off the accretions with the help of ultrasound, modern polymerization apparatus and a turbine tip with cooling and illumination.
Tooth Bleaching

Panoramic digital radiograph device ORTHOPHOS XG 3

Allowing to execute, both usual pictures of teeth and jaw, and pictures of sine (maxillary sinus of bosoms), and also pictures of temple-lower-jaw joints with high accuracy. Due to the presence of digital software, a doze of patients' x-ray irradiation has lowered on 90 % in comparison with usual radiograph devices. There is the software with the apparatus, allowing to model and plan implant interventions in a picture.

The set for tooth bleaching ZOOM-2.

The lamp with a cold halogen light which is necessary for gel activation in bleaching system ZOOM-2 . It also has an ergonomic parameters and nice appearance.

The autoclave for sterilization of TAU CLAVE 3000.

Automatic autoclave is for sterilization of materials, tools with vacuum drying and connection with a computer, directing a control of sterilization process. It is used together with the kraft packages in which sterilized material and instruments are kept. Sterilization in an autoclave gives better and always predicted result. Using of an autoclave in clinic, promotes more sparing attitude to the instruments and better sterilization of materials.


A device for reception of distilled water, is need for uninterrupted work of an autoclave and stomatologic installations. It is not a secret for anybody, that water which is giving on water supply pipes, today contains a lot of additions and impurities, for work on stomatologic installations we use only the distilled cleared water.

Bactericidal irradiators- recirculators BIR-2-30 “FIOLET T 04”

Devices allowing to make cleaning and sterilization of air in the cabinets ingenuously during the work. They don't demand using of special protected goggles and means of personnel's protection from an irradiation of ultra-violet light. Due to a design of a closed type, they make irradiators' work safe for personnel and patients. Allow to achieve very high degree of air sterility in cabinets in clinic.

VDV endodontic system BeeFill

The newest system for three-dimensional stopping of root channels with the use of liquid gutta-percha. Allows seal up channels of a tooth root very precisely and qualitatively. The newest development of German firm VDV allowing to make a qualitative stopping of channels.
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