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Врач стоматолог

Falovsky Oleg Grigorevich

Leading doctor of the clinic, dentist of higher category. Has worked in leading clinics of our country for many years. He studied and trained in Germany, Russia and the USA. He is engaged in a practical application of modern nonmetal ceramics technologies. He is a consultant of several companies concerning application and using of new technologies. He is the co-author of several scientific works. His activity mainstream is working out of a smile design, and its realistic embodiment. He is engaged in prosthetics, nonmetal ceramics, prosthetics with the use of implants, working out and life application of complex systems of modeling and change of your smile.
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Врач стоматолог

Tarnavsky Evgeny

Tarnavsky Evgeny From 2002 to 2004 he studied at the Medical College Belotserkovsk, where he graduated with honors. Specialty - a dental technician. After graduation worked as an assistant dentist under the direction of O. Falovskogo, which contributed to the request to extend the training and become a dentist. From 2005 to 2010 he studied at the Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy, where he took an active part in the scientific development of modern dental technology. He was engaged in research activities across multiple departments. Marked with diplomas for their contribution to the development of a student of science. After graduation, he began working in the clinic and now focuses on an integrated approach to solving complex dental problems. Since 2010, specializes in esthetic and prosthetic and cosmetic restorations. He actively participates in seminars and symposia on issues of aesthetic rehabilitation of patients with dentition defects. Evgeny is actively developing in the field of dental implantology.
Врач стоматолог

Karaban Olga

A medical practitioner, dentist, orthodontist, a member of the Ukrainian Community Lingual orthodontics.
In 2007 finished Lviv National Medical University as a "Dentistry". Her acquaintance with orthodontics began during his studies at the university with the Wizard orthodontist, and after obtaining a certificate in the specialty began to independent practice. Constantly cultivators: how working in the clinic, and participating in professional seminars leading experts in the field of orthodontics. Since 2009, has been blogging on orthodontics olgakaraban.blogspot.com and is also a doctor - medical consultant on Internet portals.
In order to achieve a stable result in your practice uses different kinds of modern removable and non-removable orthodontic equipment:
• Trainer;
• removable plate;
• functional products;
• vestibular and lingual braces;
• correction of malocclusion transparent Kappa.
Individual approach to each patient, the ability to listen and to offer the best option - the success of orthodontic treatment.

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Врач стоматолог

Yuliya Makarenko – Dental Hygienist

Yuliya has studied in USA in the state of North Carolina. After graduating from Central Piedmont Community College in 2008 and receiving Dental Hygiene license she worked there in North Carolina for one year and then returned back to Ukraine. As a dental hygienist, Yuliya cleans teeth by removing bacterial plaque and calculus both above and below the gumline - in the periodontal pockets, which helps in treatment and prophylaxis of periodontal disease. She also performs teeth whitening and teaches how to perform good oral hygiene at home (take good care of teeth). Every year Yuliya takes continuing education classes and renews dental hygiene license. Also about 1-2 times a year she goes to the USA to practice in the various dental clinics there.

Yuliya is very passionate about her job. Her desire and goal is to help each patient to have healthy teeth and a beautiful smile.

Врач стоматолог

Kushniruk Vladimir Grigorevich

DDS, graduated from the National Medical University named after acad. AA Bogomoltsa in 2010.

After graduation began working in the studio SMILE. He worked his way from assistant chief physician to the doctor dentist. Concerned with bleaching, prevention, health. Use of modern technology to improve the appearance of teeth and smile a whole.

He is a regular participant in all of modern workshops, conferences and other scientific gatherings related to the study and prevention of problems whitening and aesthetic dentistry.